Figure 1 WiSEMG USB Wireless receiver.

1 Key features

  • Radio link: IEEE-802.15.4 compliant physical layer, 2.4 GHz band.
  • Proprietary highly-specialized radio protocol suitable for CEDAR Solutions' WiSEMG system.
  • USB 2.0 compliant bus-powered full-speed device.

2 Description

Cedar Solutions' CS-WMG-12002 complements the WiSEMG system by offering a cost-effective solution to receive the data wirelessly transmitted from the active sensors (such as the CS-WMG-12001) to a PC via a simple USB connection. The CS-WMG-12002 acts as a very simple, yet fully functional, digital base station. Up to 16 base stations can be in operation at the same time in the same radio-coverage area.
Drivers for the USB receiver are included in the complimentary GPL-licensed software SD-WMG-32001, wich provides full control over the WiSEMG system.

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