1 Description

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Cedar Solutions' WiSEMG is a flexible wireless system specifically designed to acquire surface electromyography signals; moreover it is possible an easy extension to capture and process many other biological or motion-related signals. The system consists of one or more base stations and several detection nodes, which process and wireless transmit the biological/mechanical signals to the base stations.  By means of an USB connection, each station can interact with a control PC from which the detected signals can be monitored through a comfortable user interface.  More precisely, the PC signal monitoring is realized through a complimentary software (SD-WMG-32001) provided under GPL-license. Each base station can handle a number of wireless transmitters, the exact limit depends on the type of signal being acquired. For more details, you can refer to the speicific transmitter datasheet.


2 System components

Currently, the system is composed of the following components, and more are being researched and
will be added in the near future:

• SD-WMG-32001: user interface software with system diagnostic and signal live-view and recording capabilities.
• CS-WMG-12001: wireless surface electromyograph and linear acceleration sensor transmitter node.
• CS-WMG-12002: USB wireless receiver.• Stand-by consumption: 0.9 mA.
• CS-WMG-12003: USB wireless receiver with cradle charger and analog output ports. (preview)


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3 Starter Kit

A low-cost starter kit is also available. Please download the product brief here.